Let’s make no mistake: waterproof makeup is pretty much a necessity. You want to be able to leave the house knowing that no matter what, your look will last all day, and all night. It goes without saying that water and sweat resistant makeup is a must.

But when you’re looking for waterproof makeup, where do you begin? Just take a look at our favourites below – we’ve included everything from waterproof mascara to concealer and even eyebrow gel. To get the lowdown on the best waterproof makeup, simply keep reading!



  • Maybelline Wateproof Mascara Sky High ProductOverview 1


    If waterproof mascara is what you’re after, we’ve got a number of options to consider. First up is our Colossal Lengthening and Volumising Waterproof Mascara, which – as the name suggests – gives you colossal lashes with plenty of volume in no time at all! Its waterproof formula is enriched with collagen, which helps make your lashes grow faster, and you can use the mega brush to make them look even bigger too!

    The Falsies Lash Lift Waterproof Mascara is next up. It’s the first instant lash-lift look in a bottle, saving you a trip to the salon, and the formula is infused with plenty of fibre. Alongside the double-curved lifting brush, this infusion of fibre helps to grab lashes from the root for a thick, long lift.

    For a limitless length and max volume, try our Sky High Waterproof Mascara. This mascara’s brush bends to capture every single lash for a dramatic look. Formulated with bamboo extract and fibres, the mascara packs a punch without weighing your lashes down!



  • Maybelline Superstay Activewear Foundation Packshot 2





    Moving on to waterproof foundation, our Superstay 30h foundation fits the bill! Coming in a range of shades, this matte foundation offers-full coverage with a lightweight feel – and it lasts from day to night too, so there’s no need to keep applying!

    Non-comedogenic with an oil-free formula, it won’t clog up your pores, and it is also infused with acid hyaluronic to hydrate your skin, Superstay up to 30h Foundation is best for all skin types. No matter the look you’re going for, this waterproof (and transfer-resistant/sweatproof) foundation makes a great base! Just apply smoothly and evenly to your face, blending with your fingertips or your makeup applicator. 





    If you’re in the market for a waterproof concealer, consider our Full Coverage Concealer (also part of our Superstay range). Whether it’s been a long night or you’ve been working hard all week, it transforms tired eyes and dark circles with a full-coverage, waterproof formula that grips the skin while still allowing it to breathe.

    Also transfer-resistant and smudge-resistant, our waterproof concealer lasts for up to 24 hours, and offers a smooth, seamless finish thanks to the paddle applicator. It’s available in 10 different shades, so you can find the one that’s right for you. For the full effect, why not use our Superstay up to 30h foundation as a base, before applying the concealer? After applying your concealer, you can use our Superstay 24h Pressed Powder, as it mattifies and sets to offer a natural finish!



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    Are you looking for a waterproof eyebrow gel? If so, be sure to check out our Tattoo Brow Waterproof Eyebrow Gel. Coming in a few different shades, this is a waterproof and smudge proof eyebrow gel that colours and fills your eyebrows with fuller-looking definition that lasts thanks to the ultra-resistant formula.

    To use this waterproof eyebrow gel, just use the sculpting tip to fill your mid brow and tail, moving outwards before filling in your inner brow lightly, blending, and then letting it dry – it can last for up to two days!



  • Maybelline  Gel Eyeliner Lasting Drama ProductOverview 5







    Round off your look with our favourite waterproof eyeliner, our Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner. It offers intense colour and lasts for up to 24 hours – take your pick from four different shades! Smudge proof and waterproof, our oil-free formula holds highly-concentrated pigment, and gives an intense line. It’s suitable for wearers of contact lenses too, while it’s also a great option for those with sensitive eyes, so you know you’re in safe hands when you try our waterproof eyeliner.

    No matter what you’re looking for, we’re here for all the waterproof makeup you need. Check out our range – you’re sure to find the perfect product for you!