• Our best lengthening and volumising mascaras for a false lash look

  • Love the false-lash look but don’t want the faff? Our lengthening and volumising mascaras are designed to get the look without the false lashes. Enhance your natural features with mascaras made to add volume, deepen colour and lift up even the littlest lashes so your lash-line looks fuller without
    having to add in any extras. We’ve picked out a few of our best lengthening mascaras
    and volumising mascaras that will help you achieve that full-lash look.

  • 01

    The Falsies Lash Lift Look Mascara

    If you want instant impact, this is the mascara for you. Made to mimic the look of false lashes, the Falsies Lash Lift Look Mascara is made with a fibre-rich formula that captures and coats each lash without leaving clumps. The double-curved lifting brush helps give you extra lift while adding volume, and it’s smudge- and flake-proof for easy all-day wear (and if you want extra staying power, check out the waterproof edition). It’s also been ophthalmologist tested and is suitable for those with sensitive eyes and contact-lens-wearers – so you don’t have to stress about getting lash glue stuck to your lids. This product is a lash lift look in a tube!

  • 02

    The Colossal Mascara

    Collagen is known as the plumping protein because of its association with elasticity and hydration. Our Colossal Mascara has a collagen-enriched formula that leaves your eyelashes looking full, voluminous and clump-free. This mascara also comes in a waterproof variant for days perfect for holidays! It’s been ophthalmologist tested to ensure it’s safe and contact-lens-friendly, too.

  • 03

    Lash Sensational Mascara

    As well as an expert formula, you need a great application brush to give your mascara that false-lash-look. Our Lash Sensational Multiplying Mascara is the first to feature our innovative layer-reveal brush which has bristles at six different lashes to capture even the littlest lashes. By bringing every lash into the mix, this mascara gives you extra volume right from the root and produces an intense, black look without creating clumps.

  • 04

    The Beauty Boosters

    Your mascara might be the MVP, but don’t forget about the supporting players. Prepping your eyelashes can help you get the best effect out of your mascara so make sure you invest in a good Maybelline lash serum and/or primer as well.

  • 05

    Lash Boosting Serum

    Our Lash Boosting serum is designed to pair with our Lash Sensational Mascara for even more definition and volume. It’s been fortified with arginine (an amino acid) and B5, which help make proteins and stimulate the release of growth hormones. These are a favourite ingredient for those looking for longer, fuller, natural lashes. Simply apply your Maybelline lash serum to your bare lashes morning and night to enhance your natural features and add Lash Sensational Mascara when you want an extra boost. 

  • 06

    Lash Sensational Mascara Primer

    Our Lash Sensational Mascara Primer is a great base coat for your lashes, separating out your lashes so you get a smoother, slicker effect when you add your mascara, as well as added volume. It can help avoid any clumps or those infamous spider eyes while the water-rich formula can keep your natural lashes healthy and hydrated. Just sweep the brush from your roots to tips before you put on your mascara for a little extra lift.

  • Has our list got your heart (and your eyelashes) all a-flutter? Explore Maybelline’s full range of lengthening and volumising mascaras to get your false-lash effect!

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