When it comes to brows, bigger is better. Gone are the days of over-plucking and tracing on pencil-thin lines – beautifully full, thick eyebrows are back, and everybody wants in on this beauty trend. The proof is in the selfie; with almost six million #brow Instagram posts to date, it’s clear that ladies everywhere have caught this bold-brow fever. 

Products such as semi-permanent peel-off tattoo tints have increased in popularity as women go above and beyond for the perfect pair, with this year seeing a 15% increase in brow tinting and microblading at salons. Eyebrow makeup has taken centre stage once again, and we think it’s here to stay.


The thick eyebrow trend dates back to the 1950s, when Audrey Hepburn changed Hollywood’s vision of beauty with her perfectly defined, full brows. Layering strokes of eyebrow pencil, she accentuated her naturally thick eyebrow shape, adding narrow, dainty ends for a feminine finish. 

The 1970s saw an au naturel take on brows, as the hippie movement had women stick to the eyebrow shapes they were born with for a softer look. It wasn’t until the 1980s that power brows made it to the mainstream, when Madonna lead the way with her wild, bushy set. Accentuated with upward strokes of a spoolie brush, dark, unruly eyebrows were the look of the decade. But styles were set to change, and both the 1990s and noughties saw us plucking our skinny arches down to super-fine lines.

Thankfully, the brow revolution is in full force once again.


Thick eyebrows are the goal, but can you achieve them naturally? While some are blessed with bushier brows, years of overplucking have left many of us with sparse hair growth. 

It may go without saying, but if you want to increase fullness, drop those tweezers! Withstand the in-between stage and your eyebrows should grow out in around 12 weeks. Can’t bear to say goodbye to your tweezers just yet? Use them in soft light to prevent overplucking.

For a natural eyebrow product to encourage hair growth, castor, coconut and olive oil could help you reach your thick eyebrow goals. Petroleum jelly can also help; like oil, it locks in moisture to provide a hydrating barrier thought to stimulate growth and nourish hairs. Simply apply your chosen product with a cotton bud or mascara wand before bed. 

  1. How to Fake Thicker Eyebrows

    Wondering how to make your eyebrows look thicker? Makeup for eyebrows can give them added definition.  

    New – Permanent brow tattoo tints:
    If you’re looking for eyebrow makeup that stands the test of time, permanent brow tattoo peel-off tints can give you a statement brow that last up to 3 days – no touch ups needed! Originating from Korea, this is the latest trend for darker, natural-looking brows. 

    To achieve this thick eyebrow look: 
    • Clean your brows to prepare them. 
    • Carefully apply the peel-off tint in your desired eyebrow shape. Remove any mistakes with a cotton bud and leave to set from 20 minutes – or for extra-long wear, leave for up to 2 hours.
    • Peel off with your fingers, and voilà! 

    Tattoo Brow
  2. How to Fill Your Eyebrows?

    Brow Fast SculptFilling in sparse brows with eyebrow makeup can create the appearance of thicker, denser hairs. An eyebrow filler, such as a pencil or a pomade crayon, is a great way to fake a perfectly thick eyebrow shape. For natural-looking results, we recommend using a colour slightly darker than your natural hair. 

    To apply:
    • Use a spoolie brush to comb hairs upwards.
    • Using a thin pencil nib, gently draw short, light lines up and along the length of your brow to mimic hairs.
    • Apply a brow mascara with added fibres to give extra bulk to sparse hairs, helping you stay on top of your thick eyebrow game. 

  3. Eyebrow Highlighter

    For extra finesse, accentuate your arches with an eyebrow highlighter
    To use, trace the highlighter beneath the brow, paying attention to the brow bone under the arch. This will emphasise your shape for a killer look.

    Eyebrow Colouring Palettes: 
     Want to fill, sculpt and highlight with eyebrow makeup? Brow palettes have got you covered. The wax can be used to shape the brow, while powder can fill out sparse areas and define your arches. 

    To apply:
    • Use a small angled brush to apply the wax in short upward strokes.
    • Apply the lighter powder shade with an angled brush to follow your eyebrow shape. Unless you’re going for a Hepburn-style angled brow, try not to overdo the powder at the ends to keep the look natural. 
    • Trace the darker shade along the bottom of the brow for added definition.
    • Finish with the highlighter to complete the look. 
    You’ll have thicker-looking eyebrows in no time!