Take your meetings to the next level with the first ever virtual makeup on Microsoft Teams from Maybelline! In a click, you can choose from 12 virtual makeup looks to complement your personal style and to effortlessly feel your best, especially at work. Consider this your “virtual makeup bag,” equipped with all the must-have Maybelline digital makeup products.

About the partnership

Our groundbreaking partnership with Microsoft offers free virtual makeup looks on Teams for every user worldwide, that's 280MM people! This is a further step for us into the digital world and aims to empower everyone with the self-confidence to go after what they want, especially at work. Maybelline's mission is to give everyone self-confidence to express their beauty. "Whether you are working in-person or virtually, feeling good about yourself can help put your best foot forward” said Trisha Ayyagari, Global Brand President of Maybelline New York. “That's why we partnered with Microsoft Teams to develop virtual makeup looks now even on the busiest day, you can put makeup on with just a click. We hope we make people's lives a little easier
TRISHA AYYAGARI: Our mission is to give everyone the self-confidence to express their beauty.
We believe that everyone deserves access to high-performing makeup no matter your age, skin tone, skill level, or budget.
Our role at Maybelline is to learn about the ever-changing needs of our consumers no matter who they are or where they live.
The virtual world is the new place where we spend a lot of our time.
That's why we are so excited about our collaboration with Microsoft Teams and ModiFace to really be at the frontier of digital beauty.
We want to make it easy for consumers to experiment, to play with their look, and put their best foot forward no matter how busy their are day is.

ALEX SEBELEN: The Maybelline beauty app is an app built for Microsoft Teams.
It's an app that allows consumers to choose different virtual looks ahead of any call.

TRISHA AYYAGARI: Microsoft, ModiFace, and Maybelline, all have the same goal of making people's lives easier, but we each have our own expertise.
Maybelline has the makeup know-how as the world's leader, ModiFace has the virtual try-on know-how that has already revolutionized the way we shop for beauty products, and Microsoft Teams has the connectedness and reach to over 270 million people.
Microsoft Teams has allowed us so much flexibility.
We can literally jump from one virtual meeting to a virtual happy hour in minutes.
We can accomplish so much in one day.

JEFF HOUGHTON: ModiFace works on augmented reality tech and lets you try on real products as accurate to real life as possible.
We really focus on that granular detail behind the tech that can understand your face.
Our artificial intelligence teams are doing cutting-edge research to be able to track your lips and eyes really precisely.
When you connect to a Teams meeting, even before you enter the meeting, you'll be able to click into different video effects with quick simple previews and then immediately see it on your face.

ALEX SEBELEN: The Maybelline beauty up offers 12 distinct looks fit for any female, any male, any ethnicity, any skin tone, and any skin color.
We've considered every different person globally.
Microsoft was the right partner for Maybelline because they also stand for diversity and they also stand for inclusion.
One of the things that makes me really proud about this project is just being able to deliver confidence to people worldwide.
And as a Latino, as a member of the LGBTQ community, it's something that I've always tried to achieve in any other projects that I do.

JEFF HOUGHTON: We think that these experiences that can be meaningful, that can really help you connect with other people, are going to shape what digital beauty is.

TRISHA AYYAGARI: I believe that Microsoft wants to empower everyone through technology to make their lives easier.
For me, Teams is empowering.
The Maybelline beauty app in Microsoft Teams empowers people to be able to put their best face forward easily.
That's what makes me proud because we're able to simplify the lives of consumers around the world.