1. Outline The Eyes

    Using our iconic Hyper Precise Liquid Eyeliner, a long lasting liquid eyeliner pen, the first step is to look face-on into a mirror and draw a dot on the outer corner of each eye where you would like your ‘cat eye’ to end. If you can see a straight horizontal line you’re on to a winner!

  2. Defined Eyes

    The eyeliner makeup application now is easy. Place the length of the eyeliner nib on the root of the lashes and gently pull the liner out to create the winged shape. With eyeliner, it’s not always what you put on but what you take away. Eyeliner Tip: Neil uses a cotton bud to remove any of the excess liner.

  3. Sculpted Lashes

    Finish with a little more mascara to make eyes appear bigger.

  4. Add Some Drama

    Now let’s add more drama! This is achieved by lining the bottom lash line using the ColorShow Kohl Crayon Eyeliner. For an extra soft eyeliner look, Neil smudges the eyeliner with a cotton bud.

  5. Finished Look

    And there you have it: how to make up your eyes with eyeliner for a striking, gorgeous look!