How to apply bronzer and blush together

Before and after picture of a woman using Maybelline Camo 

Struggling to decide between a sunkissed bronze or a fresh and youthful blush? Get the best of both worlds with our guide to combining your bronzer and blush together in a way that ensures each product complements the other. From finding the right shade for you to our top tips for applications, our guide has got all angles covered.

Combining blush with bronzer

Blush and bronzers have some similarities, but they’re very different products that are used for different purposes. Understanding the role of each can help you work out the perfect routine for you, combining the two in a way that complements your natural face shape.

Blush is often used to bring colour and life to the cheeks, associated with a youthful appearance and the classic rosy-cheeked look. While traditionally pink blush was used to mimic the skin’s natural flush, it comes in a wide variety of shades that range from subtle to bold.

Bronzer, on the other hand, is generally used to add depth and warmth to the face. It creates a sunkissed look and a healthy glow that acts like a tan but in all the right places. It’s often used in contouring to play with the natural lines of the face.

By blending blush and bronzer in your makeup routine, you can create a dimensional and radiant complexion that ticks all your boxes.

Choosing the right shades

Before and after picture of a woman using Maybelline Camo 

With both blush and bronzer, the crucial first step is finding the shade that suits your skin tone. Maybelline's Sunkisser Blush comes in a variety of colours ranging from warm oranges to pale pinks. When choosing which one is right for you, consider whether your skin’s undertone is cool or warm as well as your skin tone. Warmer undertones are often complemented by peaches, oranges and reds while cool tones match well with lighter colours like pink.

When adding bronzer to your routine, make sure it matches your blush so the two products work in harmony. You’ll generally want a bronzer that’s ever-so-slightly darker than your natural skin colour and again, look to your undertones to figure out whether to go for a golden hue or a reddish option.
Once you’ve got the perfect bronzer and blush combination, make sure the rest of your makeup adds to rather than clashes with the look. Keep lipsticks in the same colour family as your blush and you can even incorporate your blush into your eyeshadow palette to pull it all together.

Step-by-step guide to applying Sunkisser blush and bronzer

  1. Preparing the skin with a suitable base

    First things first, make sure you’re starting off strong with a great base to work with. Kickstart your routine with a primer to make sure your makeup stays smooth and in place all day long. Top up with your favourite foundation to even out your skin tone ready for the next steps.

  2. Applying Maybelline's Sunkisser Blush to the cheeks

    Maybelline’s Sunkisser Blush requires a simple “dot, dot and blend” to apply. Add a dot to the fullest part of each cheek and then blend in using your fingers, brush or sponge. Move upwards and outwards to get a smooth finish.

  3. Blending bronzer to contour and define the face

    Once you’re happy with your blush, you can continue to sculpt your face by applying Maybelline bronzer in carefully chosen spots. Blending bronzer underneath your cheekbones, under your jawline and at the sides of your nose can help highlight the hollows of your face.

  4. Complete the sun-kissed look with coordinating eye and lip products

    Pull the look together with products designed to enhance that sunkissed effect. Strawberry makeup is a fun and feminine beauty look that plays with pink and focuses on creating a flushed, healthy and glossy finish.

The Maybelline Sunkisser Blush is the perfect place to start when you’re looking for an easy bronzer and blush duo. Try out different shades to find your favourite look and complement it with the strawberry makeup look for a fresh finish.