How to Achieve Your Perfect Eyebrow Shape

  1. All In One Brows Tutorial


    Brush brow hairs upwards with a small spoolie, then use angled scissors to trim off any extra-long or stray hairs.

  2. All In One Brows Tutorial

    Shaping eyebrows to perfection

    Now, everyone's brow shapes are naturally different. To find the perfect eyebrow shape for you, hold a brow pencil vertically aligning with the corner of the nose and inner edge of your brow. Mark with a dot. Next, turn diagonally over your pupil to slightly above your brow to find your natural arch. Angle the pencil to the outer end of the eye and mark a dot. Connect the dots with a light eyeliner or concealer to create an outer edge guideline.

    Eyebrow tip: Pluck any stray hairs which are outside your guideline. Don't be tempted to pluck ANY inside your guide lines! 

  3. All In One Brows Tutorial

    Get Em' Ready!

    Remove any eyeliner or concealer guide lines with makeup remover and a cotton bud. Dry brows, then brush brow hairs back into your new eyebrow shape. Now that your brows are ready, choose your favourite product for the brow look you’re going for!

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