How to cover dark circles around/under the eyes with concealer

  • When late nights roll into early mornings, you might start to notice some unwanted side effects. Dark circles under your eyes are generally best treated by getting extra rest – but on the days when you don’t have time to hit the snooze button, concealer can help to cover them up, so you still show up to your 9am looking fresh-faced. We’ve rounded up some of our top tips on how to cover dark circles and we’re also shining the spotlight on one of our best concealers for dark spots.

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  • Match your skin tone…

    If you’re only using concealer, keep your look natural by matching your concealer to your skin tone. It will help prevent dark patches while still covering any unwanted circles or problem areas. If you’re not sure which colour to choose, test out the colour on the back of your hand or use an online shade finder to pick your perfect match.

  • But not your foundation!

    If, however, you’re pairing your concealer with a foundation, you don’t want the exact same colour in both. Aim for a concealer one or two shades lighter than your foundation to add a little luminosity. Remember, not all skin is the same and the area under your eyes is slightly different to the rest of your face. Make sure not to go too light though, or you risk creating noticeable white circles instead of a subtle blend.

  • Where to put concealer for dark circles

    Don’t just follow the curve of your eyes when applying under-eye concealer – you could end up just highlighting any puffiness or discolouration. For an instant eye-lift look, try applying a vertical line of concealer along both sides of your nose, and then another 2cm line from the outer corner of your eye, towards the tail of your eyebrow.  Make sure you don’t pull or tug on your skin while applying and blend gently afterwards to avoid any noticeable lines.

  • Avoid the lash line…

    While it can be tempting to apply all the way up to your lash line, this can actually weigh down your eyes as well as causing concealer to settle in any fine lines or wrinkles. Instead, apply a little lower and blend up to cover any problem areas. If you accidentally get a bit too close to the lash line, you can carefully remove your concealer with a cotton swab (just make sure to be gentle!).

  • Brush, blend or blot.

    Don’t be tempted to just drag a concealer stick or brush under your eyes or you might end up with a heavier layer than intended. Instead, apply a small amount and smooth it in with a blending brush or sponge. You can even use your finger (we recommend the ring finger as it applies the least amount of pressure) to gently press and blend your concealer into your skin.

  • Finish with a setting powder.

    Everyone can benefit from this quick trick, but it’s especially useful for those with oilier skin. This prevents your makeup from coming off during the day and can also help to create a smooth, matte finish to your makeup look. We recommend the Maybelline Master Fixer setting powder that both brightens and bakes to complete your under-eye transformation. Just press a light layer onto your skin before your makeup dries.

  • Our best concealer for dark circles

    If you’re looking for an instant fix for your under-eye circles, we recommend the Eraser Eye Instant Anti-Age Eye Concealer. This miracle blend targets dark circles and redness as well as fine lines and blemishes. It’s made with Goji Berry Extract, which helps reduce the appearance of dark spots and fine lines. Plus, the unique cushion-tip applicator is anti-microbial and swipes on easily so you get a smooth finish with minimal effort. 

  • Ready to get started? Check Maybelline’s Virtual Try-On feature to see what shades suit you and start building your best makeup kit with the Eraser Eye Concealer.


Fake 8 hours of sleep in under a minute and get rid of dark circles with the best concealer for under eyes.
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