Has anyone ever told you your eyes are your best feature? How dare they?! All your features are the best. But sometimes, you really do want your peepers to pop. Whether it’s for an important meeting, a hot date, or practicing your hypnosis. Well, look into our eyes and you’ll see there’s a method to it. And it’s all to do with the colour of your iris.

Brown-Eyed Girl

Much like the scrumptious chocolate they resemble, your beautiful brown eyes are super sweet go with everything. But to make them really stand out, contrast your warm tones with cool blues.

• Keep it subtle
Lighten, brighten and illuminate with our Nudes Palette Use the neutral shade all over your lid, the silver toned to contour and the deep brown for a subtle colour to make those eyes pop!
• Go all out
Be bold with blues for a smoky siren effect with  with a flash of Color Show Kohl Liner in Beauty Blue along your waterline.

Top tip: Suffering from the effects of a late night? Then you’re probably fed up of the blues. Try a mossy green instead to give you that bright-eyed full glamour look using our 24k Nudes Palette.(NB: we don’t the bushy tails).

Blue Eyes

Your baby blues are like a rare jewel. In fact, less than 10% of the world’s population have your eye colour (that’s right, we know lots of things). Make them shine with warm, rich tones.

• Keep it subtle
Sweep on some of our pinkest shades from our Blushed Nudes Palette for an adorable day-time look.
• Go all out
For a more dramatic look that’ll last all day (and night), use Color Tattoo in Crème De Nude. Finish with a thick cat eye using our budge-proof Master Drama Eye Pencil in Brownie Glitz.

Top tip:
Pale brows? Go from flat to fleek with our Master Brow Pro Palette Kit in Soft Brown.

Green Eyes

Your emerald eyes are super unique, so make sure your eye make-up reflects that individuality by using contrasting rust shades.
• Keep it subtle
Get creative with our Bronxer Face Makeup for a subtle, day-time look that’ll entrance anyone who looks into your eyes. Maybe. Probably not, though.
• Go all out
Go heavy with the orange-y bronze from our Big Eyes Eye Shadow in Luminous Brown and finish the look by making your eyes more appealing than cookies with Color Show Eye Kohl Liner in Chocolate Chip. 

Top tip:
Feeling confident? Try Color Drama Lip Kohl in Red Essential to colour your lids for a super-bold, super-striking look.

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Grey Eyes

With a steely gaze that could cut through glass, your crystal eyes are the rarest of all. Show them off with cool, shimmery tones and a stunning smoky eye.

• Keep it subtle
Use the pale silvers and taupes in our Rock Nudes Palette for a delicate, metallic glow.
• Go all out
Vamp it up with the darker shades in this palette, finishing with a sleek cat eye using Master Ink Liquid Eyeliner in Satin Black.

Top tip: Obsessed with colour? Use Color Show Eye Kohl Liner in Turquoise Flash along your waterline for a stand-out look that can’t be ignored.

Behind These Hazel Eyes

No pair of hazel eyes are the same. In fact, with the way they reflect colours, they can look a different shade from one day to the next. Make your enchanting eyes shine like a million dollars with gold or awaken the green with purple.

• Keep it subtle

Channel your inner goddess with the stunning golds in our 24 Karat Nudes Eye Shadow Palette.
• Go all out
Big Eyes Eye Shadow in Purple Drama will give you a striking look. Teamed with a mega brows using Brow Drama Pomade Crayon, you’ll be a health-risk.

Top tip: Hazel eyes look best with golden, bronzed skin. Use our Dream Bronze BB to make your skin glow like a hot summer’s day.

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