Concealer Hacks

Waking up with perfect skin is near enough impossible. And guess what? That’s okay. Even Disney characters conceal their imperfections. Thankfully you’re not an ice queen with dangerous powers, just a 21st century gal trying to cover blemishes and tired eyes. Well, we’ve got six easy concealer hacks that’ll give you flawless-looking skin. So get ready to leave the house looking and feeling your best damn self.

Wake up your tired eyes

Things to do, people to see, hundreds of Netflix shows to watch. With so much on, it can be tough to strike a balance between work, play and quality catnaps. And it’s usually sleep that suffers.

First off, we recommend all the shut eye you can get. But hey, we’re not the sleep police (we’d look great in the uniform, though). Instead, let’s focus on disguising the signs of a late night.

• Step one – correct
For medium to darker skin tones, mask dark circles by dotting on – then blending – a deep yellow, rich beige or chestnut orange. If your skin’s light, stick to pale peaches and warm pinks.

• Step two – conceal
Find the shade closest to your skin tone and get camouflaging.

TOP TIP: You’ve got a beret somewhere, get it on and start mixing your perfect colour. (You don’t need a wooden palette, the back of your hand will do.) Remember, Picasso didn’t rub aggressively onto a canvas. Gently paint, dab, and blend the product on for a flawless finish.

Show spots who's boss

“At least I won’t have spots when I’m an adult!” – us aged 13, 16, 19 and every three years for the rest of our lives. (Until we turn 70 and finally admit out longest relationship ever has been with spots.)

From a couple of pimples every so often, to full-on adult acne, blemishes that refuse to sign divorce papers can get you down. Let us be your marriage councillor (we have many talents).

• Step one – correct
Reduce the redness of spots with a simple colour corrector. For lighter skin, dab on a pale green cream, and use yellow if your skin’s darker.

• Step two – conceal
Once the redness is masked, find a concealer that’s closest to your skin tone and cover by dotting, dabbing and blending.

TOP TIP: Avoid drawing attention to your blemishes by steering clear of light-reflecting cover-ups. Stick to long-lasting, matte formulas like our Cover Stick™ Correcting Concealer

Quick and easy contouring

Don’t know much about contouring? Or maybe you’re a pro looking for a quicker way to define your features (especially on those days you need 15 more minutes in bed. So…every day).

With one simple trick, you can master this trend faster than you can say, ‘definition.’ Depending how fast you speak. You just need two liquid concealers – one darker than your skin tone and one lighter. 

• Step one – shade
Pretend there’s a straight line coming from the top of your ears down to the edges of your mouth. Starting from the top, use the darker shade to dab three or four dots along this invisible line, stopping half-way down your cheek. Add a couple more to your temple area, the sides on your nose, and a little round the bottom of your chin.

• Step two – brighten
With the lighter concealer, paint two upside down triangles from your eyes down your cheeks. Add some dots down the middle of your nose, forehead, above your top lip, and a little on your chin until you look like a human-cheetah hybrid.

• Step three – blend 
Unless you want to stay looking like a jungle cat (Halloween? Kid’s birthday party? A situation where you need to look intimidating?), it’s time to get blending. Use a damp beauty blender to blur the concealer into your foundation base.

TOP TIP: For a natural-looking contour, choose concealer that’s two shades darker and two shades lighter than your actual skin tone.

Turn back time

They call it ‘mature skin’ – they mean wrinkles. If you don’t have them yet, trust us – they’re coming. And the more concealer you use to cover fine lines, the more product gathers and draws attention. Great.

Well, screw wrinkles! Keep dark circles concealed and crease-proof with our easy three-step solution.

• Step one
Dry skin is more likely to wrinkle, so moisturise like it’s going out of fashion. (Even though it’s not, because hydrated skin is always in fashion.)

• Step two
When choosing a concealer, steer clear of thick, matte formulas. Instead, opt for something lightweight and light-reflecting. That way, it’s less likely to gather where it’s not welcome. Unlike your extended family.

• Step three
Apply by lightly dabbing, rather than caking and rubbing.

TOP TIP: Try a product that actively moisturises and reduces the appearance of wrinkles, like our Eraser Eye Concealer.

Slay on the move

Whether you’re going from work to party, or party to work, it’s always good to have a concealer in your bag to fake a fresh-face.

• Step one
Instead of a liquid concealer, carry a crayon or stick in your bag – they’re much easier to use while on the go.

• Step two
Without your entire brush kit at your disposal, you’ll have to use the next best thing – your digits. Glide the concealer under your eyes and dab with your finger.

TOP TIP: Put away Peter Pointer and get Ruby Ring on the case. Your ring finger is the weakest, so it’s more likely to give you an even blend rather than stabby blotches.

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