The temptation collection Makeup Look

  1. monochromatic-makeup-look-medium-skin-halfwidthimagewithnumber-slide1

    Shape brows

    Define and fill brows using Total Temptation® Brow Definer for a softly defined look.

  2. monochromatic-makeup-look-medium-skin-halfwidthimagewithnumber-slide2

    Add a natural touch

    Blend and style with the soft rounded spoolie for a natural finish.

  3. monochromatic-makeup-look-medium-skin-halfwidthimagewithnumber-slide3

    Highlight eyes

    Create a sultry, tempting look with Total Temptation® Shadow & Highlight Palette.

  4. monochromatic-makeup-look-medium-skin-halfwidthimagewithnumber-slide4

    Tempt your lashes

    Brush on Total Temptation® Mascara for soft, full lashes.

Total Temptation

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