Winged Eyeliner Look

  1. Wing-Liner-Step-1-720x720


    Lay applicator flat against the outer corner of your eye

    Tip: Use the natural extension of your lower lashline as a guide

  2. Wing-Liner-Step-2-720x720

    Diagonal Line

    Draw diagonal line starting from the outer corner towards your eye

  3. Wing-Liner-Step-3-720x720

    Connect the Wing

    Draw along the upper lashline from the inside corner

  4. Wing-Liner-Step-4-720x720

    Fill In

    Fill in any blank spots using sketching motion

  5. Wing-Liner-Step-5-720x720

    Tidy Up

    Tip: Dip angled brush in makeup remover and clean up imperfections

Complete The Look

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