Discover how to get the right eyebrow shape with Maybelline

Luckily, with the right eyebrow makeup and some industry know-how, you can turn up the volume on your brows. 

Your face shape is an important consideration when choosing the makeup technique that will work best for you. So, whether you want your eyebrows to look au naturale, or you’re going for a more striking finish, read on to discover how to create the right eyebrow shape to suit your face.

What tools do I need to create the right eyebrow shape for me?

To achieve the best look, you’ll need the best tools. So, before you start experimenting with your eyebrow technique of choice, make sure you’re prepared. 

Good tweezers: Quality tweezers offer better grip and control. Look for tweezers with a precision tip and firm grip. These will allow you to extract individual hairs – rather than removing large clumps by accident – and more accurately achieve the shape you’re looking for. 

Eyebrow makeup: There are a range of eyebrow pencils, shadows, waxes, stamps, peel-off eyebrow tints and temporary eyebrow tattoos on offer. To choose which is right for you, first determine your ultimate brow goal. 

Master the perfect brow in one sweep with our Brow Drama Pomade Crayon. It sculpts and tames and comes in four super-blendable colours. This works well if you’re going for a thick, bold finish that may need to be topped up again before you hit the town in the evening. 

For those looking for more staying power, try the Maybelline Tattoo Brow Easy Peel Off Tint that gives fuller, natural-looking brows in three simple steps. 

Not quite ready for the ultra-bold brows? Try out our new tattoo brow micro pen. Its highly concentrated dye lasts for up to 24 hours, and its pronged applicator allows you to apply to individual hairs for a high definition finish. 

A magnifying mirror: Creating the right eyebrow shape requires precision, which means you’ll need to see every hair. A magnifying mirror is an eyebrow stylist’s best friend. 

Now you’re fully prepared, it’s time to get creating.

The best eyebrow shape for round faces

High, sharp arches will provide a vertical point which lifts your face upwards, rather than outwards. Choose an eyebrow pencil that allows you to target individual hairs, such as our tattoo brow micro pen, as you’ll want to groom your hairs in an upwards direction as you colour them. This will elongate your face.

When filling in your brows, start at the arch and focus slightly more colour in this area than the rest of your eyebrows. Try to create as high an arch as possible while still keeping the overall look natural. Use the tattoo brow micro pen to draw hairlike strokes upwards across the brow to fill in the spaces between hairs, and tilt the tip to fill in the tail.

The best eyebrow shape for long faces

Follow the same technique as above. When it comes to tapering the ends of your brows, elongate them further towards your temples. This will draw everything horizontally, which will help to balance out your features.

Use the Tattoo Brow Easy Peel Off Tint to create a flat brow shape that will make your face appear more balanced.

The best eyebrow shape for square faces

For square faces, focus on keeping the brows soft and feathery rather than overly defined and square, as this could make your face look boxier.

Raise the arches slightly to elongate your face and help it appear more oval. Try the Maybelline Brow Satin Pencil which has a gel formula that gives precision while keeping your brows looking natural.

The best eyebrow shape for heart-shaped faces

Keep your brows soft and rounded, and create a curved rather than harshly angled arch to help balance your face. Try not to highlight sparse areas with too much eyebrow makeup, as brows that are too thick – especially in the middle – will emphasise your forehead. Make sure your brows look soft and subtle with a brow crayon like our Brow Drama Pomade Crayon which has a creamy texture, making it incredibly easy to apply.

Finish your look with a highlighter

Once you’ve achieved the right eyebrow shape for you, finish off your look and brighten the whole eye area with a dab of liquid highlighter beneath your brows. We love our Master Strobing Liquid, which shines a light on your best features by adding further dimension. Try adding a little to the bridge of your nose and cheekbones too.
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