Everyday Makeup Look

Everyday Makeup Look

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    Shape your brows

    Define and fill brows with the Total Temptation® Brow Definer — the best eyebrow pencil for natural, soft eyebrows.

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    Soften it up

    Smooth out the edges and add a natural, blended finish with the Total Temptation® Brow Definer’s rounded spoolie.

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    Highlight your eyes

    Apply the Total Temptation® Shadow & Highlight Palette to create bright, enticing eyes. 

    First, brush one of eight creamy eyeshadows over the entire eye area. Next, gently shade in the whole lid, focusing on softer, neutral tones. Then contour the crease of your eye and sweep along the lash line.

    Focus the highlights on your upper cheekbones, cupids bow and down the centre of your nose.

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    Tempt your lashes

    Accentuate each lash for a look that lasts. Brush on Total Temptation® Mascara to experience the allure of full, fanned eyelashes.

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