• With life speeding up again, you need makeup that can keep up. Whether you’re hopping from office to gym to drinks with no time for a quick touch-up or just coming to terms with the fact you can no longer tell your 2pm meeting that your camera isn’t working, we’ve come up with a few ways to help keep you fresh-faced all day long. Check out some of our favourite long-lasting products below along with some top tips for getting the most mileage out of your makeup. 

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    Best long-lasting foundation

    Superstay 30h Foundation sets the standard for long-lasting and full coverage foundations. As the name suggests, this foundation is built to withstand up to 30 hours of performance wear and is sweat- and water-resistant – so you can even wear it to workout without worrying about streaks and smudges. This full coverage foundation is transfer resistant and with high pigment to make sure you glow, plus it’s dermatologically tested to protect your skin in the long-term. The foundation formula also contains beauty hero hyaluronic acid, great for keeping the skin feeling and looking hydrated!

    While this works for all skin types, it’s a particularly great foundation for oily skin thanks to the oil-free and water-resistant formula. It’s light enough to let your skin breathe but still offers full coverage for a smooth, matte finish. 

  • 02 Maybelline_Smuge_Proof_Mascara_Application_2

    Smudge-proof mascara

    When it comes to all-day mascara, you’ve got to go waterproof. Designed to withstand all weathers, workouts and weepy movies, waterproof mascara is just what you need to see you through a busy day when you don’t have time to check for panda eyes. There are formulas to suit different styles, from our Great Lash Waterproof Lengthening Mascara which creates a full-lash look to our Lash Sensational Waterproof Mascara which is infused with luxurious oils to give you ultra-soft lashes. For bonus points, use the Lash Sensational Boosting Serum to uplift your natural lashes with an arginine and B5 formula that means even make-up free day will feature plenty of flutter.

  • 03 Maybelline_Smuge_Proof_Eyeliner_Application_3

    Smudge-proof eyeliner

    Match your smudge-proof mascara with an equally event-proof eyeliner. While it can be tempting to turn to pencils for quick and easy results, gel and liquid eyeliners can offer longer lasting power once dried when you find a smudge-free formula. Our Master Ink Liquid Eyeliner is easy to draw on and features black carbon pigments that add extra intensity to your look. The smear- and flake-proof formula is designed to last for up to 16 hours and comes in your pick of matte, satin and glitter, so you can decide what vibe you want to see you through the day.

    If you’re looking for an eyeliner that’s even more committed, try the Tattoo Liner Gel Pencil. This is a semi-permanent eyeliner that has a built-in sharpener so you get smooth, precise lines every time and the quick-drying formula is waterproof and fade-free. 

  • 04 Maybelline_Semi_Permanent_Gel_Application_4

    Semi-permanent eyebrows

    Once you’ve got your eyelines and lashes sorted, make sure your brows don’t get left behind. A brow gel is a great way to fill out your eyebrows to get rid of any natural gaps or results of previous over-plucking. And if you don’t want the hassle of everyday application, a semi-permanent eyebrow gel is a great way to maintain your look with minimum effort.

    Our Tattoo Brow Peel-Off Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Tint takes just 20 minutes to 2 hours to apply, depending on how long you want the look to last. Once set, peel off to reveal up to three days of full-but-natural-looking definition.

  • 05 Maybelline_Longwear_Lipstick_Application_5

    Longwear lipstick

    No look would be complete without the perfect lip. To make sure your lipstick stays in place from the first sip of your morning coffee to your last margarita of the night, look for long-lasting formulas. Our Superstay Lip Range is all fade- and smudge-proof so whichever colour you choose will still be as strong at the end of a busy day. Our Superstay Matte Ink Crayon Lipstick is designed to be buildable, so you can layer up to get the look you want, while the Superstay 24 Lip Color uses a micro-flex technology that doesn’t flake or cake.

  • Tips for making your makeup last longer

    Whichever products you pick, here are a few tips that can help you make them stick:

    1) Exfoliate and cleanse. If you’re skin is flaking, it’ll take your makeup with it. Get rid of dead skin, oils and bacteria by exfoliating regularly and don’t forget to follow-up with a good-quality cleanser, toner and moisturiser.

    2) Use a primer. Filling the gap between skincare and makeup, primers help enhance your natural glow while also creating a smooth base to start your routine.

    Don’t forget the setting spray. Gone are the pre-teen days of setting your face with hairspray. A lightweight setting spray helps keep your makeup in place and combats shine and smudges.

  • Ready to get started? Check out Maybelline’s complete range to find the long-lasting makeup that works for you.

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