The Coconut Trend Explained


Benefits of coconut for eyelashes

Packed with nourishing properties such as vitamin E and lauric acid,  it’s no wonder the coconut oil trend is sweeping the beauty industry. The versatile oil is said to condition eyelashes, to make them look fuller, longer and shinier – so you can flutter gorgeous, healthy eyelashes, no matter how long you spend getting ready. 

The other benefits from coconut oil that have us all hooked, are:-

• Coconut Oil can help to remove makeup

• Has been known to make hair soft and shiny

• Has be said to moisturise the skin thanks to all that vitamin E

• Helps to cares for delicate skin

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Mascara with coconut

Now you know the low-down on the coconut trend. Let's introduce you to our New Temptation Mascara.

New Temptation Mascara. More Volume, More Length, More Conditioned Lashes.

New Temptation Mascara has just right amount of Coconut essence to create lashes, that once coated, are soft to touch, yet have the appearance of more volume and more length.

To apply, sweep the wand through your eyelashes, coating them from root to tip in nourishing coconut essence mascara. Begin at the base and brush upwards, concentrating on the tips for ultimate length and definition. Want more volume and more length? Keep building the mascara, coat after coat you'll see the appearance of clump free increased volume & length.

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Coconut oil as a makeup remover

Gone are the days of scrubbing stubborn makeup with a wipe that irritates your skin – a small amount of coconut oil can help to remove makeup and leaves skin feeling cleansed and refreshed.

To use coconut oil as makeup remover, soften a small amount between your hands (the oil is solid at room temperature) and simply massage over your face. Then use a warm, wet washcloth to wipe everything away, and finish with a splash of water. This is a gentle way to get rid of your makeup, and yes – coconut oil even works on waterproof mascara. 

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