Proven Ways To Hit Pause

Need some positive vibes? We asked the experts how to recharge and reset.

01 manage-your-mood-with-shadow

If journaling isn’t your jam, there are countless apps that can track your thoughts and feelings. Recording your emotions can help you identify patterns and triggers that aren’t always obvious. Tune into you with Daylio Journal, an app that allows you to easily track your mood, daily activities, and goals.

02 listen-up-with-shadow

Connecting with friends and family—or even expanding your inner circle—can “reduce stress and improve your mood,” according to an article on Stay in touch while maintaining social distance by hopping on a video call or sending a quick text to let others know you are thinking about them. Even extending a simple “thank you” to an essential worker behind the register at the grocery store can put a smile on their (masked) face—and yours.

03 go-green-with-shadow

A breath of fresh air does a body good. According to Outside I Can, 30-minutes of exposure to nature can help reduce depression by up to 7%. Explore the great outdoors—even if that means a quick walk around the block.

04 zen-out-with-shade

Unplugging isn’t easy, but it is effective. Researchers at the University of California, Davis found that meditation can help lower levels of cortisone, a stress hormone. Got a few minutes? Try this fast, five-step meditation from Half of Us.

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